About Us

Welcome to Bash Fragrance, where the art of olfaction meets handcrafted elegance.

Our boutique-style range is an exquisite collection of unique fragrances lovingly curated by our founder, Nasra. A dedicated and passionate perfumer, Nasra has a profound reverence for the intricate beauty of scent. She finds joy in sharing this passion through her artisanal creations, each scent telling its own story.

At Bash Fragrance, we have a particular fondness for oud - a symbol of sophistication in the fragrance world. Each piece of our oud is carefully made by Nasra at her home, reflecting the raw essence of this precious ingredient. The result is an enchanting collection of fragrances as rich and diverse as the places and memories they represent.

But our offerings continue beyond there. We also infuse our passion into a selection of creams, body oils, and room sprays. Every item is meticulously crafted to deliver a sensory experience that is as memorable as personal.

Bash Fragrance isn't just about perfume. It's about a personal journey expressed through scent, the art of crafting moments and memories, and the joy of sharing them with you. Join us in celebrating the world of fragrance and exploring the unique and alluring scents we offer.